Our purpose is clear

Connecting and Managing great people for our clients, being accountable
for the outcomes we deliver and putting smiles on our clients faces is our focus at True North.

The evidence is clear, respect and nurture your relationships.
Your candidates become your consultants, your consultants become your clients.

At True North, we treat our Candidates, our Consultants and our Customers

with paramount respect.

The trust, respect and belief in our customers starts early.

Our secret is that you can’t fake it, or at least you can’t fake it for long. To gain the respect and trust of customers, you must earn it, and this takes time.

Heart. Purpose. Agility.

Our Approach is to be guided by our core values of Heart. Purpose. Agility. Compassion, Determination and Urgency are true qualities of the brand.

We are connected to the best people in our industry.
We believe that the key to our success is to:
Care for what we do
Remain genuine whilst servicing our customers
Approach every situation with absolute passion

I’ve worked both for Mark and with Mark as a client over the last 10 years. What stands out is his ability to understand the client's problem and then how to put the right team or resources into action to achieve a valued outcome.

Andrew Mudge

Mark is an authentic, high integrity individual. I have worked closely with him in multiple facets of my business to achieve great outcomes.

Vince Dickson

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