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A team of outstanding and dedicated specialists. Experience, results and reputations that are unrivalled and world class. True North Solutions will partner with your team to take your organisation and grow it to another level.

Our commitment is that we will leave your business not only stronger, but your people will be competent and skill independent.

Business Innovation

Business Innovation is the process of adapting to circumstances and changing the way we work. Sounds simple, however this change incorporates a fundamental shift in our thinking about change:

  • that change is natural and positive
  • change is something to be embraced.

Change can come from outside your organisation or from internal initiatives such as the introduction of a product or service that requires new working methods or processes. The change approached in a positive light reinvigorates the business, reinvigorates your people, adds value and most importantly boosts growth.

Business Innovation never ends, it sets in motion a hunger for ongoing change and continual improvement. True North Solutions can partner with you to develop the agility within your organisation so you can rapidly respond to unforeseen situations and emerging opportunities and realise the power of change.


• Product Innovation • Business Strategy • Operating Model Design

Technology Strategy

No matter what business you are growing, technology is key. In our experience we see many organisations whose technology has been left behind – slow-moving, overly complex, software and hardware cobbled together over the years without the ability to integrate together efficiently.

It’s an overwhelming task to unravel, but True North Solutions has an incredible group of specialist technology leaders on call to help untangle the old, find multiple pathways to change and design the new.

True North Solutions provides review, assessment and recommendations on how your business model is aligning to your IT infrastructure. Any misalignment between the two can cause fracture, loss of resources, time and money – most importantly it can result in the loss of customers and their trust.

Re-alignment can be driven quickly through the right enterprise architecture, highlighting the big picture of change required to drive resilience and success. Then Solutions Architecture takes over to choose the best options to support your processes and integrate your enterprise.

It’s a daunting, but crucial task to review this aspect of your business. We can, and will, do it for you and provide practical, measured, and industry leading recommendations to get you realigned and getting 100% from your systems and architecture. The benefits flow on to happier, more efficient staff and that leads to happier clients, customers and more revenue.


• Technology and Digital Strategy • Enterprise Technology • Advanced Analytics
• Automation • DevOps • Agile Maturity • Distributed Teams Delivery

Change Management

Change Management is too often an afterthought and generally not enough resources are allocated to manage change. Unless you have all your people, clients and customers on board, initiatives can falter and even fail due to resistance or poor communication of change.

True North Solutions are change agents. We have successfully implemented significant projects in Australia’s leading businesses. We see Change Management as the supporting wall for all initiatives. It is incorporated into all our engagements. Talk to us about how we can help your organisation adapt to change, and how each of your key people and all your staff can themselves become change agents and have a part in growing your business.

Developing a new organisational competence can be daunting for your people, and the learning curve can hold back initiatives. Business managers don’t always have the time to manage the development needs of their staff, and with new competencies they may not be sure of the exact training required. True North’s senior Project and Program managers will work with your management team to pinpoint the competencies your people need. We’ll develop the plan to get your people’s competencies, confidence and delivery ability to skill independence, while getting the project done.


• Leadership and Talent Development • Change and Implementation • Organisational Design

Customer Experience

Do you know how your customer has their coffee, or if they even drink coffee? Success is measured by your customer’s experience with your company.

True North Solutions is in the business of developing client relationships and you can benefit directly from our experience. We can guide you through developing the Customer Relationship Management model (CRM) that will fit best with your organisation. Our approach is creative and results driven, helping you to:

  • systematically identify, analyse, manage, monitor and improve your stakeholder relationships
  • gain commitment to action through consultation and consideration
  • design the relationship management approach to be taken; including roles and responsibilities, governance, policies, processes, tools, and support mechanisms
  • combine formal and informal communication channels in order to achieve results
  • monitor and measure customer outcomes with meaningful data and analytics.


• User Experience Maturity • Customer Engagement Strategy • Customer Experience Strategy
• Customer Experience Support Model


“I have known Mark Thomson since 2010. Mark has been a trusted advisor and service provider to me in my role as CIO at Virgin Australia. I could rely on Mark to listen to my business challenges and put forward a considered proposal that was mutually beneficial.

He has the ability to view a problem from different perspectives and define creative approaches, a good example being when he came up with a blended approach with local staff and a team in Manila to provide cost effective SOA development support for the Reservations System replacement program at Virgin Australia. Mark used his extensive networks to put forward very well credentialed resources, both as contractors or as permanent staff members. I was sufficiently impressed to use his executive placement reach to employ 5 of my direct reports as key members of my leadership team.

I strongly recommend Mark and True North Solutions as a trusted and reliable IT and Business partner for any client.”

Segar Reddy | Ex-CIO, Virgin Australia

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