Caring People, shaping business growth through innovative leadership.


We will always show genuine care for people, our customers and our industry.


We guarantee that our people and our services will always be of the highest quality.


We will always be honest and be urgent to the needs of our people and our customers.

Our Commitment

  • Clear and focused strategy
  • Performance oriented culture
  • Agile and flexible structure
  • Keep it simple and fun
  • Never compromise on values
  • We always give before we get

Who are
True North

We are a Brisbane-based company that delivers high performance outcomes for customers via the deployment of the market’s leading Business and Technology Specialists.

What do
we do?

We assist our customers to shape and implement their Business and Technology strategies. We achieve this with a focus on building and developing our customers’ internal workforce capability. We provide Executive Leadership Transition Services, PMO Services and Delivery Leaders.

Our Philosophy

Our values determine just how easy it is to do business with True North.

Apply our experience
to understand our customers’ culture, processes and systems to build and scale capability

Engage, Manage & Develop
skilled and aligned people to represent the True North brand with integrity

Serve the needs
of both our customers and people as priority

Ensure our consultants
are inducted for customer environments to hit the ground running

Support our customers
with authentic, flexible and responsive service approach

I’ve worked both for Mark and with Mark as a client over the last 10 years. What stands out is his ability to understand the client's problem and then how to put the right team or resources into action to achieve a valued outcome.

Andrew Mudge

Mark is an authentic, high integrity individual. I have worked closely with him in multiple facets of my business to achieve great outcomes.

Vince Dickson

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